A humorous video that is now popular on social media shows a burglar who unluckily fell into the hands of the locals, who are crazy but kind.

The petty thief in the video was given two options: either he dances to amuse the crowd or gets beat up. He appeared to be both terrified and sad at the same time.

He could have chosen to be beaten cruelly and lost his priceless life, but like any rational person would, he decided to amuse the crowd instead.

The robber danced his heart out to save his life, and the residents who apprehended him can be heard and seen really jubilating.

A user with the handle @Ekowmclean posted this humorous video on Twitter for the first time, and as of the time this article was published, it had amassed over 330k views and 1k comments on the bird app alone.

People who have seen the video on social media have praised the locals for not assaulting the petty thief instead giving him the chance to make amends and save his skin.

To learn more, view the video below below:

By Mr. Blazing

Mr. Blazing known in real life as Sabastine Tang, is a Ghanaian journalist and freelance content writer, with over thee years work experience. Contact: +233543405327

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