According to many reports, suspected terrorists posing as Jihadists have tried to enter the nation through the Upper West Region.

According to reports, there are 80 jihadists and 40 motorcycles.

According to Upper West Media, The suspects attempted to enter the country via the Hamile Route, and the Ghana Immigration Service has received numerous requests to monitor the situation and take appropriate action.


80 Jihadists rode 40 motorcycles five kilometers from Hamile on May 12, 22.

14:45, December 5, 2022

The morning of December 5, 2022, “around 80 Jihadists riding 40 motorcycles run through a community named Kulunka, which is 5 kilometers from Hamile,” according to a call we received from a trustworthy source residing in Hamile.

He claimed that because “no one knows where the Jihadists are headed,” the residents of Hamile anticipate the Security Agents to be on high alert. In the village of Kulunka, the jihadists destroyed communication infrastructure, making it impossible for the Burkinabe residents to call for assistance.

5 December 2022 will be Owula Mangortey Gowrie-Bongo’s birthday.

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