In this How to review follow the “How to enlist SIM card with GH SIM SELF REG App” strategies to enroll your SIM card utilizing the recently delivered versatile application by the National Communications Authority (NCA)

The application is essential for endeavors to make the re-enlistment of SIMs simple and available.

GH SIM SELF REG is the Application made for the subsequent stage (after the endorser has closed *404# and accepted his Unique Code) of Ghana’s SIM Card enrollment practice utilizing the Ghana Card for the present.

Your Ghana Card picture (front and back will be required), thus snap a photo of the two sides and guarantee that every one of the four corners of each side show and the image is clear.

As of now, a few clients of the application have evaluated it as great, however there are grievances about the expense.

“WHAT A SMOOTH EXPERIENCE: It took me under 20 minutes to enlist my three SIM cards, with not so much as a solitary issue. The main thing that could concern certain individuals is the 5GHS expense.” Michael Kwasi expressed in the wake of utilizing the application to enlist.

Use the App to finalize your SIM Card registration by following four (4) broad steps:

1. Download the GH SIM SELF REG App. The link is https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.xcelapp.speed
2. Create an Account.
3. Login to the Account created

Follow the prompts to register your SIM.

Register wherever you are! But remember, you can still register at your service provider’s outlets.

The App provides another means for telecom subscribers to complete their SIM Card Registration using the Ghana Card; subscribers who prefer to physically go to their Service Provider’s registration points to complete Stage 2 can still do so, the NCA statement added.

The benefits of the Application include providing convenience for subscribers as they can register in the comfort of their homes, offices or other convenient locations.

“The NCA urges subscribers to reach out to its Operational Support Centre via toll-free number 0800-110-622 or the Authority’s handles on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn or the NCA’s website, www.nca.org.gh for any inquiries or for more information about the App,” it added.

We hope this How to register SIM card with App (GH SIM SELF REG App) process has been helpful.
FAQs: How can I re-register my SIM card in Ghana with the Mobile App?

To re-register your SIM card using an app, download the GH SIM SELF REG App and follow the steps provided on the app.
FAQs: Will I be charged for registering my SIM card with the mobile app?

Yes, those who register SIM cards with App (GH SIM SELF REG App) will pay a fee of GHS5.00 per SIM registered.

Challenges to expect when using SIM re-registration App

The move to introduce the SIM re-registration App (GH SIM SELF REG App) has been welcomed except for the GHS5.00 fee however, some persons who have tried using the app have encountered problems that you need to be aware of before you start registering.

Some of these challenges are expected for an app that has just been launched.

The app crashes (closes)
Some users have complained via the reviews left on the app that the app crashes (closes) as soon as they input their email address. This prevents them from being able to continue SIM re-registration on the GH SIM SELF REG App.

Many users of the app seem to be facing this particular problem.

“This app is crashing. Developer, have you tested/tried the app before uploading it for us to use? Try and check the app and update it or else…… Drop it.” A review left on the app stated.

Selfie Not Responding
One of the requirements of using the GH SIM SELF REG App to re-register your SIM is that you will be required to take a selfie. According to some users of the app, they have taken the selfie several times, but each time they do, the app fails to respond as expected.

“I have taken the selfie like 30x. I am told each that something went wrong so should take it again, but the same error message pops up. l am just fed up. Hope l am not going to be billed again if I restart the process.” A review left on the app stated.

Double billing
The cost of registering a SIM on the GH SIM SELF REG App is GHS5.00. Some users of the app have complained of double billing.

A message left on the app said “DOUBLE BILLING I was billed for the service last night, but there was no pop-up to make the payment. The app showed me what to do it if that happened. I followed the *170# prompt and made the payment, but the app did not recognize that I had made the payment. I tried again this morning and the pop-up showed for payment. I entered my MTN MOMO PIN. The app recognized the payment and made me proceed to the next stages of SIM registration. I have been billed twice, how do I get my refund?”

Code Generation problem
For some individuals, the problem they faced has to do with generating the 4-digit code for the completion of the registration

Other comments left on the app are as follows:

The app is not well-tested and Stops after inputting the email
I Can create my profile, but the app keeps stopping after entering my email address.
How can I generate the unique code?
The MB is too big, it will not be useful after one has done the registration.
Waste of data. I was able to sign in, after that couldn’t do anything else
Very poor.


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