Muslims criticizes Mohamed Salah for celebrating Christmas

Egyptian striker Mohamed Salah is facing a storm of criticism for celebrating Christmas.

The outrage that greeted a picture he published purportedly to share in the joy of the moment was loud.

He has received criticism from a number of adamant Muslims for attending Christmas celebrations with Christians despite not having converted to Christianity.

Mohammed Salah

Others have questioned his motivation and called him out for celebrating an opposing religion, even though some do not see anything wrong with his gesture because it was a display of support.

Following are a few responses made by Muslims in response to Mohamed Salah’s post:

Thiago: You should be aware that many children look up to you as a Muslim role model; your behavior is not an example for them, brother.

They said that God has a son, Sbin wrote. God be exalted above everything they say. Exalted be God above anything people associate with Him, they murmured, referring to Him as the third of the three. And we assert that there is no other god except Allah, who exists alone and without a partner.

Stop bowing to the West, you are an example for Muslim kids, Salem stated.

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