The Upper West Regional Minister, Dr. Hafiz Bin Salih, has examined the advancement of construction on a few roads and bridges built by the military in the Sissala East and West districts.

As part of his quarterly visit, Dr. Salih conducted the inspection to evaluate the status of current development projects in the region’s districts.

Dr. Salih said in a statement to the media following the inspection of several bridges in Kassana, Kandia, and Jeffissi in the Sissala East Municipality and Sissalla West District that the construction was progressing and that 60% of the bridge connecting Jeffissi to Gwollu had been completed.
He praised the military’s dedication and efficiency in constructing the bridges and roads.

He praised the troops for their dedication, quick work on the roads and bridges, and sacrifices they made to protect the area from terrorist infiltration.

“Government is ensuring they are not able to cross over into our country by working on bridges and roads and providing social services to the people,” he said. “Government as a way of fighting extremist elements put up these measures to safeguard the country. We know, in trying to penetrate into the country, the extremist elements would try to win the heart and souls of our people.

He urged the populace to exercise patience, saying that the government was dedicated to improving all the roads in the area.

The country continues to face a serious danger from the West Africa Subregion, particularly along its northern borders, according to Captain Gideon Jerry, Commanding Officer of the 48 Engineer Regiment of the Ghanaian Armed Forces.

He said that the National Security took the initiative and assigned the Ghana Army the responsibility of carrying out a number of social intervention projects, including the construction of 30 boreholes, the reshaping and spot rehabilitation of gravel roads, and the repair of several bridges.

According to him, the border between Ghana and Burkina Faso is only about seven kilometers from the Kassana Bridge. The poor level of development in some of the communities also poses a threat to human security because of the propensity of subversive elements to infiltrate and pressure locals into participating in terrorist activities.

He predicted that by the middle of September, construction on the Jeffissi and Kassana bridges would be finished. He also stated that the project’s first phase would involve drilling ten boreholes in Nadowli Kaleo, ten in Wichau, and ten more in the Sissala West District.

Speaking individually during the Regional Minister’s tour, the chiefs of Kassana, Kandia, and Jeffissi praised the government for its assistance and intervention.

However, Kandia’s Divisional Chief Kuoro Bamula Basinjia pleaded for the expansion of telecommunications services in the region.

The Chief of Jeffissi, Kuoro Yussif Suleman Penkul IV, pledged the military of their continued assistance in order to secure the bridge’s completion and pleaded for the tarring of the roads.

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