News websites broadcast information on current events in the nation and abroad in a variety of fields, including entertainment, politics, education, and many more.

Current news is published on numerous websites. The top news websites in Ghana are listed below:

Note that there is no particular order to the list.

A website called GhanaWeb gathers news and viewpoints in the areas of politics, business, entertainment, and general information about the nation. A private Dutch company named GhanaWeb B.V. launched it in 1999. The public can access news as well as thoughts on the most recent events in politics and entertainment.

Ghanaweb offers a wealth of resources, including background knowledge, viewpoints, access to more than 200 Ghanaian radio stations, a social network for Ghanaians, and much more.

Leading News Sites in Ghana

A radio station called Joy FM was established in Accra in 1995. It served as the nation’s hub for news and entertainment and was Ghana’s first privately owned English-speaking radio station.

One of Ghana’s largest private media conglomerates, Multimedia Broadcasting Limited, which includes radio, digital TV, and online news, includes Joy FM.

news portal for Ghana

Digital versions of Graphic Communications’ six top newspaper publications are available to the general public through Graphic Online Graphic NewsPlus. The Mirror, Graphic Sports, Junior Graphic, Graphic Business, and Graphic Showbiz.

This is a completely new edition that enables readers to access digital versions of newspapers, articles from the 24 hour news website, notifications for breaking news, and more.

Graphic NewsPlus is brand-new and is made up of carefully chosen multimedia content, such as video broadcasts, voice notes, and photo galleries, to help readers learn, amuse them, and keep them informed of the most recent events in Ghana.

The top news website in Ghana is this one. It makes crucial information accessible to the general audience. Peacefmonline.com offers the public extensive coverage of news in a variety of categories, including business, entertainment, and politics. Additionally, live audio streaming of newscasts is available at peacefmonline.com. The Despite Media Group owns it.

Online Citi FM
Omni Media Limited is the owner of Citi FM, a radio station in Accra. At the 24th Ghana Journalists Association Awards ceremony, the station was named the finest English-speaking Radio Station in Ghana.

Citi FM is primarily driven by societal and local issues that demand the attention of decision-makers.

The top news website in Ghana is CitiNewsroom.com, which offers excellent, original, and creative news.

It is the online news hub for Citi TV and Citi 97.3 FM.

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