A post sighted in facebook posted by Patrick The Blogger, states that: AKON intends to help students by founding a university in Africa as a tribute to Michael Jackson.

After disclosing that he and the late Michael Jackson had discussed collaborating on the project, the Singer has opted to open schools in Africa.

Akon claimed that he and Michael Jackson had lofty ambitions to work together extraordinarily to benefit African pupils. He characterized the late Michael Jackson as a kind man who was passionate about aiding African children but who was unable to grant some of his wishes before his passing.

Akon remarked in an interview with HipHopDX, “Michael was just an amazing person man, I wish people had a chance to understand and really experience the person the way I did.”

The singer further explained that he and Michael had amazing fun hanging out together. “We had like a good two years together where we just hung out practically four, five times a week, right? Real conversations and he would shock you, the kind of shit that he like, the kind of shit he would say.”

He explained that because he became famous at the young age of eight, Michael Jackson never really had a childhood and always wanted to help African youngsters succeed in life.

“His biggest thing was always making sure that kids were in a comfortable position to be a kid. Because he never really had a childhood himself,” Akon stated.

“He was a big star as a child. He didn’t get a chance to go to the carnival, go to the movies, eat candy, like things that kids naturally did so when he got older, he surrounded himself with all those kiddish things that he never had a chance to be at,” he added.

Akon revealed that he and Michael intended to establish music schools for children to learn how to play instruments, receive vocal coaching, and learn about the music industry and entertainment so they don’t just walk into it without having the education of how the business works. Akon is on track to build a $4 billion tech city known as “Akon City” in his home country of Senegal.

He claimed that by building a university in the “Akon City” Educational District and renaming it after him, he would fulfill the wishes he and Michael had discussed.

“Even in Akon City in the educational district the first one will be built in there and I’m naming it after the Michael Jackson Foundation. So I’m gonna be naming it MJ University,” he declared.

Original story Source: @Scholarship Region

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